FU-CKIN try one.
Double cheeseburger
& a Hot N Spicy.

Open up the burger and put the hot n spicy between the 2 burgers.

This is what a real man eats.



Dudes i am in love with Women...
I don't think i can ever be gay.
I am just obsessed with Women.
and every thing about them.

"I wish i could fuck every girl in the world"
- Lil Wayne.

I wish that i could just fuck the ones i like.


Stage Managing.

Majoring in stage management is probably the best thing I've ever done. 
Love this major, love the money, love the girls, love theatre.



First day of school:
Pretty freakin awesome dudes.
All my professors seem pretty chill.
So many freakin hot girls
I think I'm going to like this year.
Hopefully tomorrow it doesn't all goes down hill.



Fuck Censorship.

50+ Followers!

So i wake up and i check how my blog is doing and i have 50 + FOLLOWERS!
Didn't know my blog was going to get big... i hope it gets even bigger! :]

So to thank you all. I post big boobs for you guise.


Inspirational Graffiti

Self Judgement is Self Destruction.


I've got to say.. I have an obsession with rainbow colored wall papers.
These are just a few of my favorites.

No homo.

College or Weed?

Life decisions are sometimes really hard to decide.
Which would you choose?

Inspirational Graffiti

I love finding pics like this.

Graffiti World Updated Edition: Street Art from Five Continents
I'm Getting Ready.
Are you?

Also.. No Captcha on Comments..
Please comment on my posts! :]


I love stencils and when i saw this. I knew i was going to make a shirt from it.

Stencil 101: Make Your Mark with 25 Reusable Stencils and Step-by-Step Instructions

Starting Out.

Soup Guise.
My first Blog. This blog will consist of what ever i want.
You can call it a random blog? idk you decide.